LO5: Dan’s Feedback (One to one tutorial) 11/01/16

Look at trends, look at it from a child’s perspective (Age group)

Different categories at the National Trust – History/ Nature

Passionate child’s animation, Think about it promoting it as a child. Flesh it out.

Why educate children? Nature, good health, historic. Looking at the news.

Perhaps it could be a 40-60 sec advert with 4-6 key areas combined.

For next week: Think about 3 Alternative ideas. 

For instance:

  1. Promote National Trust
  2. Rehashing History
  3. Global Warming – Need protection
  4. Save National Trust
  5. Beatrice Potter
  6. Children and the outdoors

You need to think about the message you are trying to present

Do you want a message to inform, do you want to relive history, Campaign, awareness.

Think about contacting the National Trust or/ and Filmmaker David Bond

Try Sparking interest

L05: Listening to this feedback has been important, because it is forcing me to narrow my idea which at this point I know is already too broad. I wanted to show that I needed to research and Dan agrees this is a good place to start with. I believe once really understanding the beliefs and ideas, the stories and the history will allow me to think of better ideas! I like the idea of coming up with three different ideas as it will implore me to see possibilities.

LO5: Dan’s Feedback (One to one tutorial) 18/01/16

LO5: This week I have showed some of the collaboration work I have begun. The three ideas that I came up with from last weeks feedback, I created a presentation to show Dan that showed the three ideas.

Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3

We both agreed Idea 1 was the best idea to use. The next stage is to pin down a story. My task for next week/end of this week is to email with a couple of story ideas with visuals.

Dan said to consider:

Do you want a body of text to show the campaign for the National Trust (L05: I said maybe at the end this is something useful to consider and maybe getting in touch with the National Trust could even help me inform this.) 

Think about the child you are going to feature : What gender – Maybe research who are more likely to take on some of the activities are there a diversity. This could be another layer of how to show a different perspective view. Also what characteristic of the child? What is there personality – would they be shy this could impact how the story is.

What are the other characters? Could it be an animal like a goose. If so begin to look into quadraped animation.

Look up Aaron Blaise :

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 15.21.21.png
Image Source: Screenshot from Google
Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 15.22.27.png
LO5: Using Dan’s advice and have subscribed to Blaise’s website to begin to understand creature animation and the diversity of bipeds. This could help me inform my production of my final piece. Image source: Screenshot of

For the end of this week/ Start of next week

  • Please can you send: Your Blog link
  • Alternative story ideas with visuals of the chosen Idea 1
  • Raymond Briggs Letter


Feedback from Dan 

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for sending the attachments, treasure those!!! Fantastic.
Thanks also for the update. I had a look at your presentation slides and like the overall premise and feel to it. Can I suggest utilising the owl more? Perhaps instead of the moths or just a single shot of it in a tree with its eyes lighting up in the rising action part, to create more tension and fear. Nice sound effects will help too.
As for the reference a source link is fine for the blog, but the report will need to be Harvard reference.
In regards to the live briefs, I shared the TT episodes with the class last week, so have a look and let me know what you can do. I will also let you know of the Beano visit so you can attend the talk.
Keep up the great work.

Formative Feedback

(Noted by Alice:)
Contact young children
Like watercolour look
Badger look
Waiting and the resolve
See the badger should be the end, we are all experiencing with the child the seen, Experiment and focus on the end
Doesn’t have to beginning, middle and end
Nice facts throughout
Neutral respect to man

The designs were charming, Charming

I was really pleased with my feedback. I was especially happy the designs were well received! Dan calling them Charming made me really happy! The main focus which I agree on is finalising the ending. I am giving myself the end of March to finalise the last bits before the April Animating sessions begins! Below is the brief overview of what I aiming to get done each month.
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.01.55.png

Returning back from easter

 Dan’s feedback
– Consider the title name, and the message to be conveyed. How will you make it clear it is inspired by the national trust 50 things to do before your 11 and 3/4
– Think about contacting the national trust to ask permission to use logo perhaps
– Maybe i could put the quotes I found at the beginning of the animation.
-Think about how long the colouring will take
– The schedule for shots is really good

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