Live briefs

I have used this term to work on my portfolio work, but I have been looking out for some Live briefs to work on. Dan sent me as well as three others this opportunity. (See below) I was really interested in working on character designing, as even though animating in something I wanted to improve. Character design is a passion of mine and something I would love to continue to develop.

Author’s Own Screenshot of email from Dan forwarding the brief on to me. 
I replied the same day, as I don’t have a website currently I sent my Instagram which has a wide range of my concept work, I tried to upload more character design stuff to show the variety. I haven’t received a reply, but it was still a great opportunity because it forced me to think about how I present my work to other people. I
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 23.19.46.png
I sent him my Instagram page as it showed a lot of the work I had been doing over portfolio and summer which had my character designs. Sadly he never responded and I was not able to work on the project. It had taught me not to worry if I don’t get the brief but also about thinking about creating a website that is split into character designs/concept/animation. It is important for me at this stage to think about it. Also this term I wanted to create a social platform page for me to work on showing my work. I am now at 118 followers! My goal was 100 before I finish so I am really happy. It’s made me feel more confident sharing my work.

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