FAFF: Power house 

I went to the FAFF: Power house screening festival in London. The talk was really informative and actually shedding a lot not just on Moth Collective but also about the speakers own journey after university.

Authour’s own

The room which we went had around 30-40 people. Which meant it was more cosy and the talker was able to answer a generous amount of questions. Some of the things which i learnt from this talk was how to sustain a studio and how it  really is about keeping a balance. A balance of commercial and passion projects.

She also pointed out that she wouldn’t advise doing a masters after University and to wait till you had more experience if this was something you were considering. This was a really useful perspective as I was considering maybe doing a masters at some point.

There was a variety of work and variety of mediums for the work shown. There were animations to illustrate stories, to assist documentaries or to document lives. I also liked the way that the speaker wanted to/ had always felt like she wanted to work for the New York Times so one day contacted them and the next day was giving a project. The project was giving a small budget and only two weeks to turn it around.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 00.17.31.png
FAFF’s Instagram photo: Source

BBC Radio 4 : Talk and Networking event

I was invited to the BBC Radio 4 Networking talk along with several other animators from our course who had worked on the live brief last year. It is really good in the fact we were invited as it means the BBC still want to stay in contact with us.

We were invited to the new BBC building which was really cool to look inside and seemed much more open plan compared to when we went to the old building. The talk was on the creative talents the Radio stations had employed and a review of where BBC Radio seems to be heading.

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 12.58.58.png

Below you can see everyone who went to the BBC.

(Jake Preedy’s photo)

Below you can see some of the slides featured. One person who I really admired work was below. We were lucky to get to talk to the artist after and many other who were featured in to the talk. There was drink and snacks and we mingled and networked with the BBC staff and the other designers at the event. I did not have a business card and this was something which I regret. However I realised I didn’t need a card to approach people so I grew more confident later. I was able to take people’s email and contact them on Instagram.

14753864_10155272776088265_6790012056509593261_o (1).jpg

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 00.42.03.png

There was actually some really insightful questions being asked during the talk and facts that the BBC presenting. I came away feeling really motivated and actually learning a lot a bout the structure of the BBC and what the future is look like for them.

Rhian one of the lovely ladies we worked for at the BBC asked if any of us could draw, and said we should look into working on the Stardust competition.



This event was so amazing, I have met people who I follow on Instagram and hope to even invite to the degree show. I had a great time networking and hope to continue to develop my confidence in approaching people.

Art Macabre: Cutty Sark Life drawing event 

I went to a Life drawing event with lots of other artists, the event was a lot of fun set on the Cutty sark with nautical themed models and events. It was really good to be surrounded by other artists and illustrators and polishing my skill with the form. I found this useful as I was exploring ways of meeting other illustrators if I wanted to make contacts. I think it is a really fun way of meeting other creative people. They do so many events so I am considering doing some more! I spoke to other illustrators and artists and was able to get an understanding about some of the work as well. It was another informal way of networking and allowed me to mix in a fun way!

Me at the Life drawing 

There were mermaids, opera singers, mud larker, portrait artists, performers and life models to draw.

Author;s Own As well as networking I was able to practice my lifedrawing which was amazing!
Art Macabre Picture : (Me at the front from behind)
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 00.38.00.png
Art Macabre Picture

Below you can see some of my drawings from the night, I had to work really quickly on some, such as the opera singer who was constantly moving on stage. But it was a fun challenge! I liked this way of networking because it was informal enough to causally talk to people and get an insight in to their working life.

Author’s Own Sketchbook some of my lifedrawing images at the end of the event!
Author’s Own Sketchbook some of my life drawing images at the end of the event!
Author’s Own Sketchbook some of my life drawing images at the end of the event!
Author’s Own Sketchbook some of my life drawing images at the end of the event!
Author’s Own Sketchbook some of my lifed rawing images at the end of the event!


One of my favourite elements of the night was the sea shanties sung by a quartet band ( one was missing). I enjoyed drawing them so I uploaded it on to my Instagram and tagged them in it.




it was really great to see the work on their page! I had a lot of fun that evening and it was great to dedicate a night to practicing my drawing skills!


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